[No 01 | ginger, lemon rind, geranium & wild lime] - Small Votive

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Pup Votive

No 01 | Zingiber officinale

[ginger, lemon rind, geranium & wild lime]

These little guys are a great chance to try out a new scent (in every room!)


Our beautiful, best selling candles are a perfect treat for a little pick-me-up and have become an instant classic to say thank you, welcome, or congratulations to those who have earned a little indulgence. 

Young Gentry Zaftig Votive.  Our soy-wax candle fills the space with the light, clean scents of ginger, lemon rind, geranium & wild lime.  Hand poured in small batches out of our East Coast studio exclusively for Y/G, each candle is numbered and signed personally by the artisan who finished the piece. 

Burn Time: 10+ hours (2.5oz)