Hi! We’re Young Gentry. We started in 2014 with two sisters and a very old pickup truck named Bruce. We had a pie-in-the-sky idea that we could build a company with high standards, ethically-sourced and produced products, happy employees, and kickass merch. So we learned to make our own stuff – seriously. We poured our own candles, built our own boxes, and got many splinters and burn marks. Luckily, a few people have noticed our stuff. We opened our first retail location in 2019 and added a new owner. If you’re in Atlanta stop on by! And we didn't lose sight of those high standards either. We spend a great deal of time giving back through our Everyday Giving, Special Partnerships, and Acts of Service campaigns.

Meet the Team


Scarlett is a former retail buyer and current mom. She likes candles and spreadsheets. Her favorite color is beige, and she is incapable of wearing her hair down.


Meg has four dogs and will absolutely drop what she’s doing to pet your dog, too. She’s a practicing attorney and puts hot sauce on everything. She’s a Taurus, which—she’s told—“makes a lot of sense.”


Jenna is a devoted introvert and former gymnast. She always knows where her things are and constantly gets shit done. Her nutritionist says she’s not allowed to eat broccoli anymore.