Young Gentry is a celebration of people who are stewards for a better world.  We are artists, farmers, business owners and community leaders who create beautiful objects, rich textiles, thriving communities and a healthier environment.

Young Gentry is also a celebration of YOU.  Every time you bring Y/G into your home, you’re making the world a little bit better.  Every time you give Y/G to someone, you’re living in the spirit of stewardship.

Young Gentry's collection of gracious goods are ethically produced and raise up producers who value Craft, Sustainability and Community Support.

This world is already full of stuff. Our goal is to separate the stuff from the substance; the superfluous from the significant—and to make it easy for you to find gracious goods. Thank you so much for coming to Young Gentry and supporting an economy of goodness.

Go find something beautiful!!


Scarlett & Mags


Before Young Gentry, Scarlett was a buyer in the fashion industry, working with such iconic brands as Ralph Lauren, Oscar De La Renta, Calvin Klein and Kenneth Cole. 

“One of the highlights of my time in fashion was uncovering these amazing little pockets of artisans and manufacturers who were passionate about bringing their gracious goods into the world in thoughtful, compassionate way.  It can be very challenging for these folks to break into the market and Mags and I wanted to provide a platform to showcase the amazing work they’re doing.”

Originally hailing from New York, Scarlett moved to Atlanta for work and promptly fell in LOVE with the ATL’s green spaces, insane restaurant scene, and the generosity of its people.  On the weekends, Scarlett can be found at her local farmers market looking for inspiration or in any one of Atlanta’s amazing parks, chasing down her toddler with her husband Dave.


Mags' love of all things beautiful & undiscovered crystallized living in Manhattan where she alternatively worshiped at Barney’s, and the weekend pop-up markets in Brooklyn. 

“On the weekends, we would take off in the morning with the dogs and just explore all day.  We never knew what we’d return home with: a new piece of art, a pair of hand blown whiskey tumblers or an amazing new chutney.  We just loved seeing what new treasures our part of the world would show us, all the while, celebrating the talented, creative people that made our home so amazing!  Y/G was just such a logical extension that!”

Mags and her husband Max are currently living in South Georgia with their two pups Fig and Rocco.

In her free time, Mags works with the local hospital’s therapy dog program where Fig is a proud puppy therapist and Rocco is a work in progress.