Giving Back

Everyday Giving

At Young Gentry, we make every decision with the next generation in mind, and we continuously come back to our core values: Nurture. Protect. Provide.

We create great-smelling products hoping they encourage people to take time to nurture themselves. And we work to find ways to nurture our team and our community while we do it. From showcasing other small businesses in our gift guides to giving away our gratitude votives, nurturing is in our DNA.

From the very beginning, we have built concrete giveback into our business model to help provide for our communities. With our one candle = one meal philosophy, when you purchase from Young Gentry, you help provide meals to feed hungry children in the U.S. For every product purchased, we provide a financial contribution to a national nonprofit working to end childhood hunger in America.

To date, we have filled thousands of hungry bellies and hope to hit ONE MILLION by 2025



Special Partnerships

Over the 2+ years Young Gentry has been in existence, we have donated thousands of dollars to local and national non-profits in order to create a better world. We donated before ever turning a profit because we believe that people and our mission come first.  In addition to our everyday giving, we regularly identify local and national organizations for periodic giving campaigns at no cost to our nonprofit partners.  

Current Giving Campaign: Fair Fight Action Fund

We are donating 100% of the sales of our Gratitude Votives directly to the Fair Fight Action Fund.  

Please consider picking up a few as a way of saying ‘thank you’ to the helpers in your life and know that when you do so that every penny of your purchase - not just the profit - is contributing to equal access to voting for all Georgians.

In the past we have supported: Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation, Drum Major Foundation, Feeding America, 

Do you know a great nonprofit that we should partner with? Contact us!



Acts of Service

For those new to our brand, our founding values are: “Nurture, Protect, Provide for the Next Generation.” We literally began as a company to help people, and we ‘fell into’ candle-making because it turns out we had a talent for chandler-ing.

At various times, our founders have marched, donated, advocated, and sat in community to listen.  We want you to know that we live out our values as leaders and as an organization.  Read more below for ways we’re showing up and supporting our community. 

June 2020:

  • We spent hours helping fulfill orders for some of our friends who are proprietors of local Black-owned businesses.