Introducing Our Dumpster Fire: You Benefit From Our Mistakes

This may come as a surprise to you, but the reality is that we don't get things right every time.  Shocking, I know.  But we're all about telling the truth around here.

Sometimes a new scent oil will yellow.  Sometimes we pour a candle a little too cold.  Sometimes a wick gets too far off center.  Sometimes there are too many air bubbles to salvage it.  Sometimes we just make a giant mess that can't quite be made truly presentable.  

These candles are ugly mistakes. These candles are failures.

Over the past year or so, we've starting tossing these mistakes or failures into a pile that we lovingly refer to as the "dumpster fire."  Or sometimes the "dump truck."  Honestly, it just depends on the day.  But the sentiment is clear:  These are products that are not presentable for "company," and we would never ask someone to pay full price for them. 

But we also don't just want to toss them out.  Working to be sustainable and reusable is important to us.  Our dumpster fire candles still smell good and burn pretty well, so we don't want them to go in the actual trash. 

So we decided to have a fun promotion as a special treat through the end of 2020 (a year when we could all use a bit of a treat and we all need to look for upsides to the global dumpster fire of a year): For every purchase over $50, we'll throw in a FREE dumpster fire candle

Honestly, you'll be doing us a favor.  We want these uglies to still be used and enjoyed, and we aren't allowed to light any more candles in our homes.  Strict orders from spouses and landlords.  

You may get a 9oz Artisan Collection failure.  You may get a 5oz Y/G Scent Shop mistake.  You may get a little gratitude votive or two.  Who knows!  That's half the fun.  But we promise they don't smell bad.  They're just not aesthetically pleasing.  

We hope you enjoy your bonus and know that you're doing something good for the environment (and the organization of our studio)! 

**Note: We'll include a small note explaining the dumpster fire promotion.  So don't worry if you're sending a Young Gentry purchase as a gift.  We'll make sure your recipient knows that there aren't any hidden messages about you sending them candle trash.  If you want to be passive aggressive in your gift-giving, you'll have to do that on your own.


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