Y/G Scent Shop Is Here!

We’ve been antsy-pants-dancing for this day to come for the past few weeks.  And now it’s here!  Today we’re making it official, and we're pretty excited. 

Introducing Y/G Scent Shop

In development for a while now – and with more fun products on their way later this year – Y/G Scent Shop is the official Young Gentry label for our cheeky, sarcastic, less earnest side.  If you pay attention to our Instagram, you’ve seen this pop out a few times.  We can roll with a fair bit of sarcasm.  And we do love to poke fun at each other.  So now we have a whole label for beautiful products and good smells to help us express that.

This line is bright.  It’s silly.  It’s a bit salty, too.  It focuses less on refinement and more on fun.

Don’t worry, we’re still us!  We’re still sourcing as locally as we can.  We’re using clean-burning soy.  We’re donating meals.  We’re still committed to making decisions with the next generation in mind.  It just so happens that sometimes the next generation needs us to embrace joy and be authentic versions of ourselves (in appropriate contexts, of course).

And that’s what Y/G Scent Shop is all about.

Every candle in this line is made of 100% soy wax and smells freaking delicious.  But this time the smells are a somewhat secondary focus.  Up front is the lightness and brightness – from the literal flame (we’re still selling candles after all) to the fun phrases to our embracing of millennial pink. 

And the extra giveback is even more exciting:  For every candle sold, we’ll help give one away as a thank you to members of our community!  Stay tuned for more details. 

Let us know what you think!  And shop the collection here

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