On Mothers and Nurturing and Small Businesses (Sort Of) – A Gift Guide Intro | By JE

So, it’s almost Mother’s Day.  The one day each year my mom says I have to call her.  Don’t worry, I also call on her birthday.  And sometimes other days, too.  (Technically, she says it wouldn’t hurt her feelings if I didn’t call on her birthday, but I have never tested that out.  I’m not completely insensitive.)

I’ve been struggling with how to approach this post, which is ostensibly just an introduction to our first annual Mother’s Day gift guide.  Short and to the point?  Meh, that sounds boring.  All up in the feels about moms and supporting small businesses in this crazy COVID time?  Hah.  Yeah, no.  Maybe if Scarlett was writing this.  A page of me bragging about how my mom is better than yours?  That seems more likely, but also not quite right.  (But really though, I still get regular care packages, and she buys our candles to give away, and she sends Valentine’s cards to my friends.)

There are a lot of things that could be said about moms and mothering.  And a lot of salesy hype I could say to try and get you to buy something from one of the small businesses we’re featuring in this year’s guide.  I genuinely think all of them are great, and we’re getting absolutely nothing (other than good will, I guess) for including them in our list.

And yet here I sit, drinking a boulevardier at 7PM, listening to tunes, and trying to re-write this post again, which is supposed to go out sometime tomorrow.  I’m not usually this kind of procrastinator.  Alas, here’s what I’ve got…

To me, mothering is about nurturing, which is a core value for us at Young Gentry.  Whether it came from your actual mom, a friend, a coach, a boss, or even a total stranger, we’ve all had moments where we’ve been nurtured by someone else.  Yes, all of us.  Even you. 

True moments of nurturing – from well-timed laughs to hard truths to effortless encouragement – are worth celebrating and emulating.  So for Mother’s Day 2020, I hope you’ll think about ways you can nurture yourself and those in your life, including your mom, baby mama, or any other mother figure you’ve got. 

Also I really do hope you’ll consider buying something from one of the great businesses we’ll be featuring over the next few days – whether as a gift for someone else or as an investment in yourself.  You’ll be nurturing some awesome companies while getting beautiful and useful things.  And also deals for days!  (Seriously, many of them are offering incredible discounts for our guide.) 

And that’s all I’ve got. 

Gift Guide Part 1 is here!

Gift Guide Part 2 is here!

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